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Kubernetes Migration Service

Migrating your legacy apps to Kubernetes is equal parts art and science. Our team of senior engineers integrates seamlessly with yours to bring the skills, experience and creativity required for success. Our clients have dramatically decreased their costs and improved software delivery performance as a result of migrating to Kubernetes. What are you waiting for?

No matter where you are in your journey, we can jump in and instantly provide value:

Application Replatforming

  • “Dockerizing” your application

  • Prepping your application for Kubernetes


Pipeline Development

  • Finding the right templating solution (e.g., Kustomize, Helm, etc.)

  • Setting up GitOps workflows

  • Managing secrets

  • Setting up canary/blue-green deployments


Deploying Your Application

  • Setting up your cluster, including security policies and hardening

  • Troubleshooting common legacy application issues

  • Handling session stickiness

  • Setting up configs for high availability

  • Tuning your microservice topology for minimum latency


Maximizing ROI

  • Autoscaling your application and cluster

  • Setting up on-demand QA environments for product teams

  • Fine-tuning cluster resource allocation

  • Training and education related to Docker and Kubernetes

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