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For innovative organizations, investing in people is the ultimate long-term strategy.

The most important ingredient for delivering valuable software is people. We provide numerous ways to help improve the knowledge, skills, and strategic technology awareness for each member of your organization. 

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What we offer

Skill Assessment

The first step in supporting each individual's growth and development is understanding the technology vision and business goals of the organization. Only then can we work together to identify and baseline the skillsets on your team.

  • Skills definition and role mapping

  • Assessment design

  • Assessment delivery

  • Analysis and strategic planning

Hiring Strategy

External talent will always play a key role in your technology strategy. We work with you to identify skills gaps in the organization and build and execute a strategy to attract, assess, and hire effectively. 

  • Skill gap mapping

  • Marketing strategy

  • Assessment strategy

  • Communication strategy

Even your most talented leaders, managers, and engineers require ongoing training and education. Nurturing the skills of your existing team is one of the most crucial activities of a technology leader, ensuring the high levels of knowledge and engagement that are necessary for building great technology.

  • Onboarding

  • Upskilling

  • Reskilling

  • Program design and strategy

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